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This a really great post Milecia! I use pseudo code all the time and have for years, particularly on a greenfield project where I'm staring at a blank page/editor just to get mu thoughts on the page in a logical format w/o the burden of syntax, frameworks, OS, and all the other details that one must consider in coding.

Even if I have the general design in my head, there are often some complex transformation or formulae that I need to literal walk through on paper to validate my thinking and firm up the approach. It gives me the freedom to express my approach in "brain language" rather than computer language which I find very freeing.

When I learned to program the second (I learned in junior high first, then forgot most of it lol), we used a tool called an IPO chart which stood for INPUT-PROCESS-OUTPUT which had 3 columns listing basically what you'd expect, but the process was often pseudo code (sometimes flow charts but only for the handed in homework lol). I often take the same approach today and I've been coding for 37y - One is never too experienced to not need a helping hand.

Thanks again - keep posting!

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