Programming in the Adult Entertainment Industry II

Jeremy Woertink on February 27, 2019

When you start programming in the Adult Entertainment industry, things start to get a little tricky. A lot of systems you used and took advantage... [Read Full]
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Very interesting!
Lots of people don't know how hard it is for online porn companies to even be able to host it, and for example find an payment supplier that accepts this kind of content.

But also that the general porn industry is also one of the main reasons why technology is going so fast, video, video quality, download/streaming speed, VR, ...

Also I was looking for a Part I because you had II in the title but couldn't find it on your profile.



Btw DEV support "Series", linking posts with each other. Not sure if you want to add that to these two but might be interesting for future posts.

Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip!


I really wish you'd replace that. It was a fascinating discussion on how the adult industry's payment woes in effect lead to riskier payment processing, and I've recommended it to dozens of people since you pulled it.


Interesting, I would like to see more, honestly.
I don't deal in porn/pot but games are increasingly labeled a vice and subject to regulation (esp gambling).
There anything about privacy/security (the Ashley Madison breach must have made people nervous)? How about navigating laws/regulations in different countries (EU GDPR and right-to-be-forgotten have been in the press a lot lately)? How about discussions regarding funding/investment; I'm betting anything even remotely close to a government is out of reach?


Just tried to take a look at part one. Didn't realize there would be a negative reaction, but it's the kind of thing I worried about that made me hesitant to bother posting anything at all. People are too entitled and easily offended anymore...


nailed it! When I posted the first one, it blew up with both sides of the spectrum. Some really great positive feedback, but also some really bad negative. It sucks, but I felt people needed to know more about it so I decided to do this one. Thanks for reading!


Privacy and security are always a concern; however, with the stuff I work on, it's not nearly as big as the data Ashley Madison had on their servers. We offload all payment info, and username/passwords are auto generated and handed to customers. Dealing with other countries is a huge deal though. We have to be conscious about what is legal in each country. If we have a site dedicated to a niche that isn't well received in a particular part of the world, then that area must be geo fenced off. Luckily our content is all pretty "vanilla", so not much to worry about there.


Interesting, how the reason for the internet's popularity, and most traffic, has to jump thru so many hoops, just to do the most basic stuff.

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