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Jack 'eXit' Whitter-Jones
Jack 'eXit' Whitter-Jones

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Week 9 - Trial and Error

A week late, but none the less, life has a way!

This will be a short post, just explaining the key findings that I have achieved.

Lessons Learnt

One of the key things I found is the interaction with external APIs. The initial few days, were focused on reading over the documentation and the APIs.

Using the fetchwrapper taken from the JS tutorials, the GET API was the major focus on this. However, extracting a bunch of data all in one go has its limitations and requires proper polling.

Having saved all the data into separate files the next step is to begin to look at visualising the data.

Next Steps

While the interaction with external APIs has been quite fun. I think the visualisation of the data is the next key step to compound my initial JS learning. In addition, I believe a review of data structures and algorithms maybe helpful.


Thank you for checking up on my progress and I hope to provide some more interesting work in the next few weeks.


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