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re: What was the moment you realized you weren’t such a newbie anymore? VIEW POST


For me it was when I realized that learning new languages was easier than I thought it was.


Oh that's a good one! I need to invest more time in different languages. I agree that it is not intimidating anymore, it's just quicker to reach for what I know.

But hey timely topic for me because I just started playing with elixir.


I try to, once a year, take a language that seems interesting and run through the intro learning stages. Usually the tutorials on their website, or some other place. I don't have to learn everything, just enough to get me familiar with the syntax, setting up the environment, developing some small tool, and trying to understand how the language solves problems compared to other languages.

If I like it enough, I will consider using it, if not, I will take what I learned and see how to apply it in what I use day to day. That's how I learned and stuck with python. I learned Erlang a few years ago but didn't stick with it. My latest is playing with Go and Rust. But I am not sure yet. I love them, but I also love python.

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