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Let's say I'm a product owner and I have a project and a team of developers. The product is in development for half a year. It was all good at the start, but now the speed of development is very low with a lot of regression bugs in every build. You took a look at the project's codebase and it was a disaster: no structure, no codestyle, no tests, e.t.c, just a one big technical debt. What is your strategy to help the product owner in this case?
Rewrite all from scratch?
Refactor most critical parts of the project by yourself?
Teach the team programming culture and introduce the best practices?
Other options?


I'd love to know how you broke into the field. For instance, I'm assuming you started as a developer. How did you get your earliest consulting gigs? Is it a kind of bootstrapping problem, and then once you're established, it's easier to get work? Also, was doing talks part of it for you?


What is the best way to track errors in UI/JavaScript? There are lot of pricey sites or services. If we handle it our selves, what is the best way to easily set up? Thx


Should I consider joining a consulting company after just 2 years of work experience or is that too early for me?


No, I suggest having at least 5yrs experience. 10 is better. Of course, you can do what you wish, or even start your own consulting company (I did that one too!)

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