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re: Linux is and always has been associated with programming. It's been common knowledge since before I was born. To even ask the question makes me won...

There is an entire world of Microsoft oriented developers who work in .net, c#, etc and have only fiddled with Linux a bit now and again. They view Linux as a server OS, because that's the only place they've encountered it, and perhaps still don't grasp why the infrastructure team insist on running Linux boxes for web and db servers etc. That (ms) is not my world, but it exists and it is both dominates and is valid in many orgs.


Fortunately, that is no longer the case. I have a Linux machine running .NET Core, Powershell, and MS SQL Server. You can install the extensions for VS Code so it behaves like Visual Studio, and test and publish your builds. If you use MS's SQL Docker image, you can spin up a SQL server in seconds. You can also use their Dockerfile to publish a .NET Core Function App to a container. Using these procedures, I was able to convert $250+ a month in Azure services to a $19 per month Linux VPS and it's 10 times faster. It's about the most ironic thing in the world, but Microsoft stuff runs way better in Linux.

I'm not saying that there are not a ton of .NET people now using Linux... I'm just saying that there is still a vast number yet to take the plunge. But your reply is actually very helpful to me right now (I'm just starting to play with Azure)

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