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Web Component Progress

Link to our progress


So far we have the general features and functions of the web component, but there is still a lot of work that can be done. The part I seem to be struggling with the most is the HTML implementation of the button. Being the first component we are developing for this course, I am particularly focused on making the button accessible for future use. One detail of the button that needs improvement is its documentation. I understand that this is one of the upcoming tasks, and I look forward to getting more experienced in this part of the development process.


The simple-icon web component was the first library I have implemented into a project using a package management tool. I found the import to be very straightforward, and was quickly browsing the various icons to experiment with the look and feel of the button. This experience helped me to understand how we could use other web components in future development. In addition to the library import, I learned a lot about the structure of HTML, and also how to more effectively implement the <a> tag within an application.

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