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re: You got it wrong (about exception handling and flow control). The way you use Result is correct and when you can do that instead of throwing except...

Things get a lot better when you can use Railway Oriented Programming but C# isn't built for it. There is certainly a trade-off: explicit function contracts or nicer nesting. At this point in my career I choose the former and then lean toward languages that support both (F#).


Ah functional programming... you know what they say - it's like communism - most arguments against communism can be applied to functional programming as well:

  • If it is so good, why does it fail every single time?
  • Why is it preached only amongst scientists, who didn't work a real job a single day in their life?
  • If you believe it's so good, why don't you make your own company and use it to take over the market?
  • When it fails the explanation was: it's because it wasn't pure functional programming...
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