Areas of improvement for gameplay programmers

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Let's discuss!

As a gameplay programmer primarily, what's one aspect of game dev you would most like to improve upon?

  1. Art
  2. Audio
  3. Storytelling
  4. Engine Programming

Personally, I struggle with art direction and would love to improve my process and artistic abilities. What about you?


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Without a doubt: Game Design.

As a Gameplay Programmer (in a company) you will be in the front line in meetings with Game Designers and it will be your role to create the "game feeling" that they describe.

Having the ability to speak the same technical vocabulary and have a basic understanding of their work is a huge advantage for you and the team. :)


Thanks for the feedback, Arnaud!

You're so right. Being able to interpret mechanics and overall "feel" that game designers describe is incredibly valuable. 💯


Videogames made me want to be a programmer since I was 4. I started with Game Maker and I have to say I focused my attention wrongly and didn't learn to program until I was 15. So for me Engines never were very attractive. I do struggle with art and audio. I'm currently trying to learn pixel art and I'm looking forward to buy a piano so I can cover my weaknesses.


Thanks for the feedback, Lucas!

That's pretty awesome that you were able to get an early start in Game Maker. Sounds like you have a solid plan to work on audio and art this year. If you decide to share your progress, please do share it with us!


Engines interest me the most. I really want to build one, which sounds insane considering I've never made a game. But I am really into software architecture anyway (and do that as part of my day job).


Thanks for your feedback, Kasey!

In my early days of programming, I was most interested in engine development. I'm into software architecture as well so I found engine design and patterns intriguing. Since I started transitioning to Unity/Unreal I've enjoyed being able to focus on just gameplay and game design, but I like to go back and forth at times.

You might be interested in Handmade Hero, a series of live streams where a game is built from scratch in C.

Take care


Thanks for the response.

In my day job, I arrived at using some tools and patterns which are not very common practice in our industry. But they have made an immense difference in the maintainability (including speed of fixing bugs and adding new features) of our products. When I research (watch tutorials, read docs, etc) products like Unity from that backdrop, I feel like there is room for another take on the dev experience that could incorporate some of the same things. And likewise there are things I take from game dev patterns as useful models for some of my day-job problems. Such as ECS and Data-Oriented Design.

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