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re: Why not let entry; at the top of the switch block? If you're trying to set a variable from multiple place, it's not a constant. Adding a scope, r...

I'd like to see the profiling run that shows that an extra stack frame here and there appreciably impacts performance. I promise it doesn't matter. Optimizing for readability is usually a better return on your investment than trying to optimize for performance. Also keep in mind the compiler is doing a lot of very smart optimization for you. It's better at it than we are. Of course, things that obviously matter like N+1 database queries obviously matter. Stack frames in JavaScript though? I would not worry unless you're doing something very novel.


Depends. Probably not significant unless it's really hot code (ex parser stap).

That likely wouldn't be a significant deal breaker, just worth considering.

My main counter is, why increase complexity, making the code both harder to read and maintain when defining entry using 'let' is much simpler/easier to understand.

To each their own. I bias heavily toward simple/maintainable code even of it's not 100% semantically perfect. Ie avoid adding complexity unless it's 100% necessary.

I think defining using a let is the harder to read and maintain option than my option, and going that path increases complexity TBH.

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