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re: VS Code Shortcuts for code newbies [mac/windows][GIF] VIEW POST


Another shortcut I've been using a lot is
- Mac -(while selecting a text) ⌘ + L
- Windows - (while selecting a text) Ctrl + L

It selects all texts similar to your currently selected text.


My bad, the above is wrong. It's supposed to be

  • Mac -(while selecting a text) ⌘ + Shift + L or ⌘ + D
  • Windows - (while selecting a text) Ctrl + Shift + L or Ctrl + D

I have just tried ⌘ + D and it did something quite interesting. If clicked once, it selects all the similar word, and if clicked twice it creates multiple cursors on the selected texts, which is really interesting!! Thank you


I have seen this shortcut before and it would have been a really amazing shortcut only if it was working on my mac. For some reason everytime I press ⌘ + L it says, waiting for second key of chord..

Any idea why this might be happening?


My bad, what I initially commented was wrong. Check my edit

hehe no worries. I would prefer ⌘ + D as it's easier for me to remember. I should add it to my shortcuts :D Thank you

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