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re: What are some common falsehoods about working as a software developer? VIEW POST

re: The most obvious one but still worth mentioning: That the job is to develop software, rather than to help humans solve a meaningful problem in the ...

Edited: my original comments where because I misunderstood the comment I was replying to. Turns out we're both on the same side. 🤦‍♂️


This is a post about what common falsehoods exist among software developers.

The common misconception is that a tech-centric focus is normal and reasonable for software developers.

I am saying that this is a bad thing, and that software developers should instead see themselves as people who first and foremost are human problem solvers, and that software just happens to be the toolset we use to help others.

Ah yes, so we're on the same side, sorry. The double negative confused me.

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