re: 😲🤯The most outstanding new feature in Javascript you need to know about: Optional Chaining VIEW POST

re: 'Optional Chaining' Is also called 'Safe navigation operator' and is supported by a lot of languages. Like Ruby, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, .NET, Objecti...

True, it certainly wasn't invented by CoffeeScript. Just considering how many CS features ended up in JS, it was quite visionary to see what JS was lacking (fat arrow, destructuring, default arguments, etc). And this happened almost 10 years ago!

That's also true :)

But it also had some problems.

I remember the old good times sitting in an IRC channel and seeing CoffeeScript problems popping up all the time ;)

If you wanna take a trip down the memory lane check out my reactive editor where i still write most things in CS :D


Of course it supports JS as well, but I just love CS so much i never gave up on it 😅

Haha, that's amazing!

I mean if it works for you why not 😀

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