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I would add that a benefit of string literal types is that they don't emit anything.

As opposed to a simple enum like this:

enum BannerType {

resulting in this:

var BannerType;
(function (BannerType) {
    BannerType[BannerType["Warning"] = 0] = "Warning";
    BannerType[BannerType["Danger"] = 1] = "Danger";
})(BannerType || (BannerType = {}));

I like TypeScript when it's just type annotations, so I don't need to guess what's happening at runtime.

Here's an example in the TS Playground


You can use const enum if you don't like that behavior.


Yes, but I don't think they work when using the --isolatedModules compiler option.

I mean they work but only within a module. You can't export a const enum.

If you have types imports and exports, most of the type checking won't work when you use isolated modules.

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