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Discussion on: What Is The Difference Between A URI And A URL?

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jules manson

Fantastic concept for a short article. I give it an A for effort but a D for execution. It provided no examples and based on the confusion lingering in the comments they could have cleared the confusion. It also left me pondering what some examples my look like.

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I refer to
page 2

The specification of the URI syntax does not imply anything about
the properties of names and addresses in the various name spaces
which are mapped onto the set of URI strings.  The properties
follow from the specifications of the protocols and the associated
usage conventions for each scheme.


URIs which refer to objects accessed with existing protocols are known as "Uniform Resource Locators" (URLs)

URI is just an abstract syntax to write down 'object reference' in universal way:


path not necessary starts with '//'
and 'scheme' is not necessary an existing protocol

URI, but not URL:


Here is more explanation about URLs:

Specific Schemes

  The mapping for URIs onto some existing standard and experimental
  protocols is outlined in the BNF syntax definition.  Notes on
  particular protocols follow.  These URIs are frequently referred to
  as URLs, though the exact definition of the term URL is still under
  discussion (March 1993).  The schemes covered are:
  http                    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (examples)
  ftp                     File Transfer protocol
  gopher                  Gopher protocol
  mailto                  Electronic mail address
  news                    Usenet news
  telnet, rlogin and tn3270 Reference to interactive sessions
  wais                    Wide Area Information Servers
  file                    Local file access