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Discussion on: Testing a Process Builder with a scheduler on Apex (Salesforce)

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Juha Lassila

Airton, you write "... we're trying to create tests for all new process builders".

I'm in the same boat. And the boat is about to get more cargo loaded as Flows can soon be triggered by record create/update and more advanced handling of Lists and Maps is just around the corner (see

I'm still scratching my head on how to make sure that Flows and Processes developed by low-coding citizens and consultants get tested properly.

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Airton Zanon Author

Hello Juha,

That's a big question that we also had in my company, we were hiring some admins and they didn't have the developer background.

But we didn't figure out how to make it work hehe.

The good thing that we had, in the company that I was working, was a group of developers working with Salesforce, hence why we were testing everything with Apex.

Perhaps you could teach or have a person that could create those tests for your team, as a QA role, or something related.