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Discussion on: Im 17 working as a software development apprentice, Ask Me Anything!

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Juan F Gonzalez

At first, I read "I have 17 years working as a development apprentice" and I was like "Whaaaat? that's waaaay too much time for an apprenticeship"

But now onto the questions, did you do a full CS degree or you took a boot camp? what was that pivotal moment when you went from fresh student to "knowing enough to get a job".

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Jack Fagan Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Haha, i hope im not doing an apprenticeship for 17 years :).

I did neither, i learnt the fundamentals of programming and learnt basic Python, MySQL and VB in school at the age of 15 and played around with it in my free time. My company was happy to allow my to join the company and mould me and teach me what i should know. The first 2 months was just learning HTML SCSS and C# doing little to none work. Alot of companies now are hiring young people with no knowledge to mould them into their apprentice.