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You can read the Nim for Python programmers.

If you need a web framework with more features then try NimWC,
just to name some features it has:

  • 2 Factor Authentication by default (TOTP) built-in.
  • App Store to publish your project and get others.
  • Admin Control Panel.
  • Admin Status Page.
  • Self-Firejailing security (it can Firejail itself).
  • Optional ReCaptcha built-in.
  • Optional WebP support built-in.
  • Bulma CSS (No JS) or Bootstrap CSS or WaterCSS (classless).
  • JavaScript framework agnostic.
  • Libravatar/Gravatar support built-in.
  • Upload/Download files and images (private or public).
  • Postgres or SQLite databases.
  • Auto-Rotating file Logger, with web Log Viewer.
  • Optional Email notifications.
  • Plugin skeleton creator to create your own new plugin projects.
  • Features are compile-time optional. And more, I dont want this to be too long ;P

When we started wasnt even documentation nor auth for Jester.
We keep making it better, we would love more users to try it!.

Live Demo at nimwc.org/login
All the code at github.com/ThomasTJdev/nim_website...


Thanks. That's nice.

Still, my argument stands.
For web, you have Jester, but no help with OAuth, etc. There are just no many usable libraries at the nimble package library.

nimwc looks interesting though. I hope to see more solutions like this.

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