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Good post!. Some of your comments may or may not always apply:

Some programming languages can blurry the Frontend/Backend line,
and some people have a hard-wired that something must be Backend-only or Frontend-only.

Geolocate programming languages by country does not make too much sense in the remote world.

Not always you can specify what the programming languages are for,
some are truly multi-purpose and flexible by design.

Opinions can be biased, because opinions are opinionated by definition.


Thanks for your feedback.

-Correct some programming languages are both, frontend and backend...but you can still specify that.

It's okay to be biased as long as you specify that it's your opinion and as long as you do not manipulate the statistic etc etc to mean your agenda

-Correct you can not always specify 100% what a PL is for. E.g python. Python is used for data science, ML, server side, scrypting and who the fuck knows what else 😂😂😂😂

-I work remote and still makes sense to specify region for remote employees most of the times, because at least a lot of American companies pay you based on where you live. E.g you can live in Argentina, and the company is in California, but most likely you won't be paíd Cali money. You will be getting paid based on your location. Also, if you really really want to get a remote job in the USA, and let's say in the USA, JAVA is super popular, most likely you won't go and learn idk R let's say. You can, but it might take you longer to land a job.

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