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This post has a really nice summary of "cloud" services.

I know that Tailwind has a nice implementation, but is too verbose for me,
I prefer Spectre CSS because is lightweight, powerful, no JavaScript required. Also Bulma CSS is similar too.

I prefer Insomnia to Postman, prefer Parcel instead of Webpack, pgModeler instead of DBeaver.

I really like Posgres SQL, I never get into something it can not handle.

For the rest I was basically like you,
but nowadays Nim has replaced any and all use cases for Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, etc.

So my whole Stack is 1 language, I use it for Frontend, for Backend, for DevOps,
for Scripting, for Python, for NodeJS, from Assembler to WebAssembler Nim delivers.


Never heard of Nim before. Thanks.

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