re: I created a Quiz app using Svelte and now I cannot go back to any other framework. VIEW POST


Svelte or Nim for Frontend. ❤️


Svelte all day long.


Yes Nim lang nim-lang.org
Svelte is great, but Svelte cant do Backend, Nim can do Backend, and Frontend.

Wow, yeah nim is a good language. Good to hear someone using it on production server. Nice.

For Backend you can use Sapper... It's build by the Svelte team and is just as simple, fast and as lightweight.

No no nim-lang is another new language, like a scripting language. You can check that out on their website, its like C++ replacement. Not a frontend framework

Nim can do Frontend, thats what I use.

Going to check Sapper now, thats interesting.

Oich I though you use nim for your API too, I'm sorry

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