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I would add C, is a small language thats the base for everything,
almost everything has a C flavored API.

I would add Functional Programming concepts, even if you only do OOP,
you can still use some FP features that improves your code.

I would add Design by Contract, is an alternative to TDD, is great to catch bugs.

NodeJS is not a package manager, thats NPM.

I never liked Bootstrap, with its dependency for JQuery,
I prefer Bulma or Spectre CSS. Water CSS for quick stuff.

I am a Linux person, but even Windows oriented companies used Linux servers,
even more with WSL, Docker for Windows, Alpine, Wine, etc.

Never seen C# on Linux, I know that it works on Linux, but still you never see it,
I know is big for Game engines, but thats because is a proprietary vendor lock-in,
I dont feel to attracted to it, is like a C that requires a Virtual Machine to run,
like the worse of both worlds, sorry.

Great post, very informative.


I really like this comment. C is a great language to know because it really is the basis of everything. Python's built in C, for example.

You have a very good point with C# being uncommon on Linux. I usually see it on Windows. But that's why I included it, because Windows is still a big deal regardless of personal allegiance to a platform. Besides, if you know any other C stuff or Java you can catch the basics of C# pretty quick.


"npm (originally short for Node Package Manager)[3] is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language... npm is included as a recommended feature in Node.js installer" - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Npm_(software)

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