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Discussion on: Python alternative to Docker

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Juan Carlos

Good post, interesting to see zipapp used.

I been using zipapp, even manually since a long time ago,
the problem is you can not upload zipapp to PyPI,
and zipapp can not handle all paths correctly (at least the std lib one),
and some dependencies can get complicated and not work with the zipapp.

Now I code Python and even dont care if Python/PIP/Virtualenv/Docker installed/working or not,
and also generates a single file, thanks to Nim.

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Matt Layman

That's an interesting experience. One of the details of Shiv that I skipped over (because the article was already long enough) is that Shiv extracts the zipapp into a directory like ~/.shiv. This helps get around issues with some packages that do things like depend on __file__.

Nim looks neat. I haven't used it before.