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Awesome post!. It has actual examples and well written.

All the wrong things seems kinda fixed on nim-lang.org

  • Generics: Nim has Generics since long time ago.
  • Error handling: Error handling, exceptions, custom exceptions, etc.
  • Default values: Yep, it can do it.
  • Not DRY: Hygienic Templates/Macros do DRY, Templates are simple.
  • Package Manager: Builtin package manager, similar to Cargo, scriptable.
  • Source code in GOPATH: Source code anywhere.
  • Confusing pointer: Nim supports Pointers out-of-the-box.
  • Struct hell: Nim supports literal JSON on code, no Struct, no String.
  • Weird interface: Uses Types, are like Objects or Classes.
  • Single GC algorithm: 6 GC algorithms, Go GC, RealTime GC, or no GC.
  • Developer experience: Syntax sugar is encouraged, sugary libs, DRY.

It also has a Rust-like memory management, without BorrowChecker (Experimental).


Nim does look like an interesting alternative to both Go and Rust. I've been holding off on seriously considering it until they release Nim version 1.0 (due to stability concerns), but it looks like they are nearing that point with a release candidate.


Nim looks interesting, but I'm looking for a language that fixes issues I have with Go, for that I think there are many options out there already. Go has a purpose and It does some things really well, we need to appreciate that.


looks good. what do you think of v-lang


V wont even has AST. Cant do Frontend.

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