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re: Yo creo nim es muy guay. Mi Español es solomente para leyendo, no escribir. Yo quiero preguntas, pero en English. So the only drawback of nim is t...

On Nim you can directly manage memory.

Nim has 6 Garbage Collectors to choose from, or no GC at all,
is easy just changing 1 compiler parameter, you can tune the GC.
They also are adding a memory management without GC,
kinda like Rust, but without BorrowChecker.

Is a Compiler, not a Transpiler. Nim by default targets C.

Feels very similar to Python writing it, but has C-like performance.

Nim is faster than Python and Cython.


You say it’s a compiler just because it targets C? Doesn’t the fact it can be translated to python make it a transpiler?

It’s not memory management if you have a gg really.

Overall very cool, will try it out.

I dont understand if you want Manual or GC memory management,
but you can do both on Nim.

I dont say it’s a compiler because it targets C,
theres compilers that wont target C, is compiler because it is,
you can say its a Transpiler for the JavaScript target yeah,
but for others is a compiler, whatsoever thats just wording :P

It compiles to native Python, like Cython,
not Python source code, that would be slow,
one of the benefits of Nim is the high efficiency of the generated code.

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