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re: What do you think the future of Nim is? Can you see it becoming a mainstream language? Also, do you think it can get mind-share in the application-...

Ive seen people using it for all kinds of stuff, even more versatile than Python,
to mention a few, it has a thing to generate Android APK without Java,
web assembly, Vulkan, OpenGL, it runs PyTorch on web and mobile,
I have modules on the PyPI, a nice web framework, some libs,
so totally missing a ton of cool stuff if you dont learned Nim yet.

I think some people are just waiting for it to be >=1.0 for some strange reason,
but is not breaky, even more it has very good deprecation technique,
so feels very future proof, and feature packed, it has a place to be the next big thing of the future.


I think I am one of those >=1.0 guys ðŸĪŠ Still haven't tried Nim out yet, but if it's pretty stable, hitting v1.0 would definitely help with the marketing a lot.

Its Release Candidate 2+.

You are welcome. :)

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