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The problem with projects like Tidelift,
is that they are helping increase the gap, making the Big fish Bigger,
thats suppose to be the reverse of whats needed,
we need something that helps small active minorities.

Not everything needs to be on NPM to get recognized,
not everything needs to be Tweet-sized NodeJS packages,
not everything needs to be this month Trendy Hipster framework.


Supporting less well known, but widely used, packages is an express goal of Tidelift.

Here's how we do it: When professional teams subscribe to Tidelift, we identify all of the open source dependencies they rely on, including the “hidden” transitive dependencies. Then, we partner with the individuals and teams who maintain those packages to provide security, licensing, and maintenance assurances. In exchange for maintaining their packages as part of the Tidelift Subscription, we deliver a predictable income stream to those open source creators.

For more on our approach, check out:

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