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The past years have been of “lets invent new ways of writing the same thing to get in the spotlight and render a button 3ms faster”. The improvements are marginal and only benefit a few. The 80% of day to day projects I’ve seen take up all their time setting up the infinite chain of dependencies to build a simple site and as a side effect, making newcomers spend their time learning the frameworks and shielding them from learning real js. If you interview devs in the recruitment process you’ll see this. The big benefit I see is not for devs nor end users. It is for the company itself.

Years ago I remember devs were scarce and hired based on skillsets. Now, with frameworks and libraries companies don’t need skilled devs, they just need devs who know react/angular/etc and that is it. Making the process of moving devs as resources as simple as possible. In effect normalizing the dev. Not saying its a bad thing, but I do see way less creativity, experimentation and innovation going around these react days.

The only change I would say was transforming and positive for devs and users was html5 (geo, audio, canvas, workers, etc) and css3 (animations, transitions, media queries). Those apis allowed us to do new things not possible before, deliver new value for real world users. Not just a new cool way of typing the same thing to deliver exactly the same end value.

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