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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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Juan Hincapie

Not completely sure where did you get the hardware compatibility data…normally Linux distros have generic drivers that work most of the time, but with video cards and integrated chips from nvidia or even in some cases intel Linux struggles to provide a proper solution(you probably end up relying on privative drivers to make your hardware work) on the other hand, on windows everything just work. Regarding security it’s true that Linux and in general Unix based OS, tend to be more secure based on his authorization and permission works. Linux it’s good if you know what you’re doing and if you have some time to play around fixing and customizing stuff, the Interface is not the best, and is not as user friendly as windows or MacOS. Windows is an awesome alternative, if you don’t have an old pc(this is where Linux shine) and you can get the shell and other nice stuff with WSL. And if you have the money, go for a Mac OS and get the best of both worlds, user friendly, Unix based OS, quite fast and reliable