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How to get all the classes of a Package in Java

juan_guty_ profile image Juan Gutierrez Updated on ・2 min read

To get all classes of a package in Java we need to use the ClassHunter of Burningwave Core library. The ClassHunter is a classpath scan engine that queries iterated classes and returns only the classes that match a chosen criteria, moreover the searches are executed in a multithread context and recursively through folder and supported compressed files (zip, jar, jmod, war and ear) even in nested compressed files. To use the ClassHunter you should simply add the following to your projects dependencies:

To perform a scan it is necessary to create a configuration object of type SearchConfig to which must be (optionally) passed the paths to be scanned and the query criteria represented by the ClassCriteria. If no path will be passed to SearchConfig, the scan will be executed on the paths indicated by the ‘paths.hunters.default-search-config.paths’ property of the So let’s take a look at the code by finding all classes that have a package name that matches a regular expression:

The loadInCache method loads all classes in the paths of the SearchConfig received as input and then execute the queries of the ClassCriteria on the cached data. Once the data has been cached, it is possible to take advantage of faster searches for the loaded paths also through the findBy method. In addition to the loadCache method, loading data into the cache can also take place via the findBy method if the latter receives a SearchConfig without ClassCriteria as input. It is possible to clear the cache individually for every hunter (ClassHunter, ByteCodeHunter and ClassPathHunter) with clearCache method but to avoid inconsistencies it is recommended to perform this cleaning using the clearHuntersCache method of the ComponentSupplier. To perform searches that do not use the cache you must instantiate the search configuration with SearchConfig.withoutUsingCache method.

It is also possible to perform fast and optimized searches by iterating the resources accessible through ClassLoader thus avoiding that ClassLoader loads the classes that are outside the scanned paths:

In this article we learned how to find all classes within a package and the complete code of the example above is available here.


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