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Discussion on: Trying to build a Dashboard with AngularJS

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Justin Chu

The company I currently work for specializes in dashboards like yours.

From a quick glance, I am already a bit lost. It is not immediately clear to me what information I am looking at. You have some pretty generic titles like "Metrics Graph" and "Metrics Table" which is pretty unhelpful as I already know one is a graph and one is a table. I'd encourage you to add more descriptive titles that help inform the users.

It looks like you already have some KPIs at the top, but the information inside of them is small and difficult to digest quickly. I'd recommend making those values larger and bolder so they stand out more.

It's important to have a clear idea on what the goal of this dashboard is:

  • Is it a screen where users go to view metrics of their jobs? Make sure you figure out which metrics are the most valuable and make those prominent.
  • Is it a screen where users go to perform actions (like scheduling a new job)? Then surface the most actionable data that will maybe remind the user of which actions they need to perform.