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Being a Dev with ADHD

Probably many of you here suffer with the ADHD condition, and many of you here don't. Share this maybe make others feel more comfortable and make you that maybe work with a ADHD colegue or manage a Dev that have it, understand how is our day.

Live with ADHD is not easy... You feel lost, you forget your tasks, you don't understand what you have to do, you don't find the best solution, your code sucks, you don't want work, you procrastinate, you give up.Yes, it's a mess... And it can even get worse when you work remotely.

Focus is not the only monster that you have to fight when you are a Dev with ADHD. You still have to deal with not understand simple things of the language or framework, even if you try your best, you still don't understand and this can make you feel dumb, even you know you're not and you are a good developer.

The sensation of losing yourself can make you feel like you are an impostor, that you can't do what you do,that everybody is better than you, that you will lose your job and will not achieve your goals in life, and yet, you have to try make others understand that is not all your fault.

Only who have ADHD knows how being alive feels so bad sometimes. It can even lead you to a depressive condition, and you still try, take your pills and go fight for your place on this earth.

Do you have ADHD?
Do you work with someone that have it?
Do you manage someone with ADHD?

Leave in the comments your experience.

"Sorry if I make some English mistake, it's not my native language."

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LogUI 🌈

It's hard seeing everyone is more productive than you -usually- with less effort. You try and try and never reach your goals, even the smallest ones.

I gave up many times but now I'm trying to learn to enjoy the journey and the process... Now I don't set goals but directions, and celebrate every step so it can be less harming and frustrating.

Thanks for sharing your experience!