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WSL: yeah, I'd rather just use either Windows or Linux (and I do: Windows on company-owned laptop, Linux on my personal laptop).

OOCSS? I don't even wanna know...

Is WordPress overrated among devs, or do you mean vs. other blogging platforms or website builders? It's fairly easy to set up quickly, which seems to be why it has so much all-around support. But its DB storage is definitely bloated, and most themes I've used are loaded with gimmicks rather than being focused on performance.

So no, I don't care for it. Was just wondering what you meant.

Dark mode is a personal preference for me, but yeah, each person and work environment is different. "To each his own."


Wordpress is ubiquitous but it's not very well made. It takes a lot of ideas from old-style PHP and just runs with them. People like Gutenberg but it just encourages storing chunks of non-semantic, non-transformable HTML in the database. People bolt things on and call it a CMS, but it's really not designed to be one.

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