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re: I'm going to not even look at @steveblue 's setup (or attempt to look any further than the comment box), lest I get unbearable tech envy... Anyway...

Oh, I'll also add that I've never been able to get my laptop's build-in HD sound to work correctly on Linux (it's Beats Audio, from I think before Apple bought them). The sound is just standard, which definitely does stink.

I've tried playing with the pin settings via some software recommended on multiple forums, but it would always result in the sound not working at all until reboot (which, really, caused the changes I was playing with to revert anyway). And even then for a little while after, my speakers would pop occasionally, especially when I was switching between Kubuntu and Windows 10 while dual-booting up until months ago.

If anyone here happens to have any suggestions, I'm willing to at least look into them.

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