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It's been ages since I've used Meteor. I was a big fan of it for a while. Just haven't made use of it lately; haven't had a real need for an SPA yet personally (until recently for something tiny, and I'm use Nuxt for that currently).

I do still think it's a neat toolset though. Definitely worth trying out, especially if you work with a lot of SPAs.

Also, if you're familiar with Mongo, Meteor provides MiniMongo for client-side storage.

And Meteor methods were a neat feature I really liked too.

Only complaints I have now are that Vue was a pain to set up last time I tried, and the build process was a lot slower than Webpack's. Do you know if things have improved in these areas?


Vue support is mentioned on the landing page on and there are "official" packages for integrating Vue in Meteor, that are created and maintained by one of Vue's core team members. I believe it's safe to say Vue is well supported.

We're using Svelte with Meteor. React is a first-class citizen as well.


You might find it interesting to note that the author of Vue worked at Meteor before leaving to make Vue. Things are definitely improving. The build process has gotten a lot faster too. Ben Newman has done a wonderful job with the build system (continuing the great work of David Glasser). This week's Meteor Night is going to be a nice one!

By the way! If you prefer Webpack, you can still go that route: just make your bundle with Webpack, and have Webpack output the file into the Meteor folder. Then Meteor merely has to load your single file, which can be fast. In this way, the build is outside of Meteor while still letting you use Meteor's great features.


Interesting. I may throw together a new Meteor project to see how things have improved then, especially since @arggh mentioned Vue having much better support in Meteor now.

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