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re: I've also used Laravel and Vue, but I'd rather use Nodejs and Vue. I like the idea of using the same language in both client side and server side. ...

Overall, JS is still my favorite language. I wish I had a reason to justify spending time on Node currently. Will see if I can find something.

I did actually try to contribute to a project (Habitica, if you've heard of it). Getting set up took a lot longer than I expected though. And then it threw an error that I didn't know how to fix (after seemingly following the steps), so I ended up giving up on it for the time being.

Sad times. :/


No, never heard of it. I just had a look over it and it seems to a be a pretty complex thing. I’ve never contributed to a serious project. I can’t wait for the moment when this will happen.

Anyway, I don’t think you should call it “giving up”, but rather “postponing”.
My process of learning is pretty slow, but every time I approach a problem, I fell confident.

If I were you, I would read some articles about best practices when using node, express, etc.., and then start looking for projects. It also depends on the span of your knowledge.

That’s just my opinion. I hope you’ll manage one day to submit that PR to that project ;).
Good luck!

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