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re: Can we finally please get rid of Flash? I recently replaced a datalogger that ran Flash with a Raspberry Pi. 😇

A data logger that ran Flash? What is this mythical abomination you speak of?
/* dEX itself requires no application for you to install other than a web browser with Adobe Flash 10 (or higher)*/

I bought it for the "makes it's own webpages and displays the data on it's native webserver" feature before I realized it was Flash.

Hardly mythical, but it is their current product, and while they "claim" to be rebuilding the OS to use something other than Flash, there's no actual sign of it.

It is an abomination though! Programming it is an exercise in futility: Hit a key, wait for the echo, hit another key, wait for the echo... Did I mention constantly crashing?

RaspberryPi with RS-485 interface has been a godsend!

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