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You nearly have me convinced to immediately jump into PS. I may at some point, but it's actually beneficial for me to work in BASH since the projects I work on are hosted in a Linux environment anyway. Very good article though.

You named several things I had no idea existed (the intellisense extensions for VS Code, polacode, the CSV plugin for N++). I'm gonna have to try those now.

Regarding ConEmu, I did use it primarily previously. It really does work well. But someone sold me on Hyper, so it's what I use now. I'll give ConEmu props for being native though. It should always start faster than Hyper since the latter is an electronic app.

Lastly, 100% agree on Lightshot. It's made taking screenshots so much easier for me.


Thanks for the feedback!

I work on projects that are primarily hosted on Linux as well. I tend to make myself the canary in the coal mine on my team by sticking to IE Edge and Windows-first development so that new devs (or existing devs on MS or devs switching to MS) have me to rely on for problem reporting and problem fixing since I'm already used to it. I had the chance to update a few open source libraries to work on Windows which makes me exceptionally happy :)

I liked Hyper as well but I started using it back in its Windows beta/alpha days which meant that I faced a lot of problems I just did not have the patience to fix. ConEmu/CMDer have been exceptionally dependable. I'll link drop Scott Hanselman's recent article on Windows terminals for more options. I have it bookmarked and the new contenders look really nice.

Lightshot ftw! I used to use Greenshot which had an awesome feature (take screenshot of previously selected area) which I dearly miss but it's not enough to make me switch back haha.


Oh nice (about the terminal article)! I may have to try out some of those alternatives.

Of course, I do hope to switch permanently to Linux one day, but terminal apps like these will get me through in the meantime.

No, that's not the only thing I like better about Linux than Windows, but it's definitely part of it.


Hyper had such incomprehensible bugs with it's node environment that ended up with me getting regular annoying error notifications on my desktop when it was trying to run updates I had to give up on that.

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