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re: Difference with Android is that Chrome on Android generates an actual app on the fly, which it will prompt you to install.

That is pretty freaking awesome. Didn't know about that before.

On iOS I thinks it's only accessible in the Safari share menu. And you don't seem to be able to be logged-in.

It is only accessible from the share menu and you can log in

When I open the PWA and login it opens to Twitter in Safari to authorise.

But Safari then redirects to in the browser. If I go back to the PWA Iā€™m still not logged in.

This is not your experience?

Mine does not open Twitter in Safari it stays in the dev window

šŸ¤” What version of iOS are you using? (I'm on 11.4)

11.14.1 but I also don't know which version I added it to my homescreen :(

So I don't know if it added under apple-mobile-web-app-capable=yes or because of web app manifest, or if the functionality is even different in new versions of iOS.

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