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JSJ 359: Productivity with Mani Vaya

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  • Aaron Frost
  • AJ O’Neal
  • Joe Eames
  • Aimee Knight
  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by special guest: Mani Vaya

Episode Summary

This episode features special guest Mani Vaya, who used to write assembly level coding, but now specializes in productivity. He has read thousands of books on the subject and summarized them for those on a time crunch. He has also been a guest on other DevChat shows, including Ruby Rogues. Mani defines productivity as the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is doing things the right way, effectiveness is doing the right things. The panel discusses how to optimize for effectiveness by focusing on the most important things, focusing on results, and being goal driven rather than time driven.

The panelists consider how to account for the necessities of life and how to incorporate breaks into focused work. Mani introduces the idea of ‘attention space’ and discourages switching between activities to maximize attention space. The key to doing high quality work is no distractions for an extended period of time. Mani and Chuck talk about an experiment they did involving the Pomodoro method and how it impacted their work. The panelists talk about the importance of batching their work, and how to implement these methods in a real work environment.



AJ O’Neal:

  • M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village
  • colophony/pine sap/rosin/flux for electronics work

Aimee Knight:

Charles Max Wood:

Mani Vaya:

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