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Discussion on: Why you still love using linux?

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Jean-Sébastien Beaulieu

I tried WSL, and WSL2. WSL2 is miles better and addresses most of the gripes I had with the first version. For certain workloads it's actually just fine. Docker based stuff with the new WSL2 backing, Node, Python, it's usually just fine.

But it's not quite there for some things. USB devices are still not properly supported. I work with some embedded stuff that just plain doesn't show up under the WSL2 VM. It still has a tendency to gobble up RAM and never release it without manually clearing the cache. Editor support is spotty. It also still feels just like developing in a VM, as filesystems are separate, as well as applications. Networking is a bit special and has some magic going on.

It's definitely not perfect. I'm gonna keep dual booting for the foreseeable future, I think. Windows for media (music/video production) and gaming, and Linux for development. Rebooting is not as painful as it used to with SSDs anyway.