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Debian user. Web developer who loves JavaScript and Python. Sometimes, the IT guy of your party. Give me a beer and we will be friends forever.


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How to add basic unit test to a Python Flask app using Pytest

Nice! I have a lot of experience coding Python but not the sa...

Send a screenshot of your Code Editor 📸

Same for me :D

How to run Ruby on Rails with Windows 10 and WSL 1

WSL is one of the most useful features for developers (and ...

What was your win this week?

I made some advances into my current new "weekend project"!...

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?

Last year my vacations are splited into GUADEC 2018 and the...

Is AES-256 Quantum Resistant?

No content, just a link to your website.

Is AES-256 Quantum Resistant?

This seems like spam.

Do you have your next vacation planned?

I'm on my vacations now. So I will try to work on my person...

Which editor do you use when opening files like .bash_profile, etc?

I used to be a nano fan, but since I don't have nano at my ...

How to Protect Your Server From Hackers

Great post! Really needed!

What's your desk setup?

I like that cowsays :D

What hosting do you use?

I use DigitalOcean for the most. But it depends, I'm also u... Show us your octocat alter ego

Well, here we are.

Today I Googled: How to Loop Videos on YouTube

Nice hack!

When to give a star to an open source library?

Me too!

What do you think of the new Go logo?


When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie?

Actually, I still think about myself as a junior developer.

Can I see your terminal?

Zsh on Windows. I mostly work with Linux, but... it's my ho...

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between?

Some days I'm an introvert person. Some days I'm extrovert....

Discuss: How do you work with your testers?

I used to work for a small company where the best developer...

The StackOverflow 2018 Developer Survey Results are live!

F# makes you rich That's what Microsoft said at DotNet C...

Create your developer landing page with GitHub Pages 🎉

Hello Dinesh! Great job!

Beginner-Friendly Animated iPhone 6 UI Tutorial

You're welcome! :D

Beginner-Friendly Animated iPhone 6 UI Tutorial

Wow, pretty cool!

What was the worst bug you've ever written?

I was writting a music organizer, and a little bug deleted ...

RaspberryPi + AmazonAlexa を使って部屋の湿度を喋らせる

I was looking for something like this (RPi + Alexa), but......

TIL: JSON.stringify() can do formatted output.

Wow, this cool feature was here all the time... And we neve...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

Some CSS styles, mostly.

What's playing in your headphones while you code?

I have a lot of playlist for this purposes. Mainly metal (p...

Welcome Thread - v2

Welcome Sancas :-)

What's your absolute favorite snack food while coding and why does it hit the spot?

I rarely eat something while coding. But I'm going to say.....

How I get a girlfriend using JavaScript

Wops, every good developer has good mistakes! Hahaha. Thank...

When and how do you make time to learn?

I use to read about new technologies I want to learn during...

Python for JavaScript Developers

JavaScripter and Python developer here :) This article is go...

What Should be in a Coder's Toolbox?

Totally agree with you!

Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code

I used to be an Atom user like you, then I took a Microsoft...

Stop Committing TODOs

We have a lot of tools to manage different projects instead o...

Best IDE or text editor for hackers

Hmm. Thanks Ben!

Implementing translations

That ankward moment when your client/boss wants the app in 12...

Switching from a CMS to Jekyll

I've been using Jekyll since 3 years ago at my website (juanj...

Augmented Reality in 10 Lines of HTML

Wow, that's awesome!

Hi, I'm nixCraft

Nice to see you here!