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re: How to run Ruby on Rails with Windows 10 and WSL 1
WSL is one of the most useful features for developers (and ...
re: What was your win this week?
I made some advances into my current new "weekend project"!...
re: What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?
Last year my vacations are splited into GUADEC 2018 and the...
re: Is AES-256 Quantum Resistant?
No content, just a link to your website.
re: Is AES-256 Quantum Resistant?
This seems like spam.
re: Do you have your next vacation planned?
I'm on my vacations now. So I will try to work on my person...
re: Which editor do you use when opening files like .bash_profile, etc?
I used to be a nano fan, but since I don't have nano at my ...
re: How to Protect Your Server From Hackers
Great post! Really needed!
re: What's your desk setup?
I like that cowsays :D
re: What's your Wifi's name?
I saw a lot of good names here. My WiFi network is called ...
re: What hosting do you use?
I use DigitalOcean for the most. But it depends, I'm also u...
re: dev.to Show us your octocat alter ego
Well, here we are.
re: Today I Googled: How to Loop Videos on YouTube
Nice hack!
re: When to give a star to an open source library?
Me too!
re: What do you think of the new Go logo?
re: When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie?
Actually, I still think about myself as a junior developer.
re: Can I see your terminal?
Zsh on Windows. I mostly work with Linux, but... it's my ho...
re: Are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between?
Some days I'm an introvert person. Some days I'm extrovert....
re: Discuss: How do you work with your testers?
I used to work for a small company where the best developer...
re: The StackOverflow 2018 Developer Survey Results are live!
F# makes you rich That's what Microsoft said at DotNet C...
re: Create your developer landing page with GitHub Pages 🎉
Hello Dinesh! Great job!
re: Beginner-Friendly Animated iPhone 6 UI Tutorial
You're welcome! :D
re: Beginner-Friendly Animated iPhone 6 UI Tutorial
Wow, pretty cool!
re: What was the worst bug you've ever written?
I was writting a music organizer, and a little bug deleted ...
re: RaspberryPi + AmazonAlexa を使って部屋の湿度を喋らせる
I was looking for something like this (RPi + Alexa), but......
re: TIL: JSON.stringify() can do formatted output.
Wow, this cool feature was here all the time... And we neve...
re: What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?
Some CSS styles, mostly.
re: What's playing in your headphones while you code?
I have a lot of playlist for this purposes. Mainly metal (p...
re: Welcome Thread - v2
Welcome Sancas :-)
re: What's your absolute favorite snack food while coding and why does it hit the spot?
I rarely eat something while coding. But I'm going to say.....
re: How I get a girlfriend using JavaScript
Wops, every good developer has good mistakes! Hahaha. Thank...
re: When and how do you make time to learn?
I use to read about new technologies I want to learn during...
re: Python for JavaScript Developers
JavaScripter and Python developer here :) This article is ...
re: What Should be in a Coder's Toolbox?
Totally agree with you!
re: Why I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code
I used to be an Atom user like you, then I took a Microsoft...
re: Stop Committing TODOs
We have a lot of tools to manage different projects instead...
re: Best IDE or text editor for hackers
Hmm. Thanks Ben!
re: Implementing translations
That ankward moment when your client/boss wants the app in ...
re: Switching from a CMS to Jekyll
I've been using Jekyll since 3 years ago at my website (jua...
re: Augmented Reality in 10 Lines of HTML
Wow, that's awesome!
re: Hi, I'm nixCraft
Nice to see you here!