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Win Nintendo Switch and get Jupi’s coverage in Web Monetization category

Andrzej Mazur
HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames compo creator, Gamedev.js community firestarter, Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. 🕸️🎮
Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read

Since you can win Magic Leap in the WebXR category this year, I thought the Web Monetization one is missing something as well - that’s why I’ve decided to add Nintendo Switch as the prize for the best entry.

Remember that we’re making slight changes in how the entries will be judged. Last year, we had an “overall” ranking, and then the categories were more like a filters. If you won in Desktop, and submitted to Mobile and Web Monetization, you won those as well, no matter how good your actual mobile or monetized implementation was. This year your entry will be judged in every category separately, so you will be able to end up low in Desktop but high in Mobile if you focus on delivering the best touch-enabled experience, or win Web Monetization if you make your implementation original and outstanding enough.

We’ve also teamed up with Jupiter Hadley, who will be playing all the games submitted to the Web Monetization category as a priority, and then if time permits the other compo games as well. If you want to score a 100% chance of having your entry covered by a YouTuber, this is the best way to go.

Don’t forget about the Coil memberships for half a year each that will make you a paying Web Monetized user - we are giving that away to all participants. Those submitting to the Web Monetization category will get the coupon codes automatically via email, while others will have to request them.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss anything, then please join our Slack channel!

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