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My 2 cents about Flutter:

It's ready to use: We've been using Flutter for ~6 months, and have had
surprisingly few issues with it. Any issues we've had have gotten quick
answers from the Flutter team.

It's production ready: We've shipped an app to a major customer of ours and the
issues we've found have not been related to flutter.

Flutter is straight-forward: Flutter uses the same concepts as React (props =
Dart constructor parameters and state = StatefulWidget) and has similar
lifecycle methods (componentDidMount() = initState(), componentWillUnmount() =
dispose()) and the concept of a key for stateful widgets. (I recommend the
Widgets Intro article on the Flutter site.)

Dart is straight-forward: I've worked with ~15 developers that have learned it
in less than a week, sometimes a few days. The language itself is
straight-forward and the tools for IntelliJ and VSCode work well. (here's a
shameless plug for Dart by Example to learn
the basics)

Layout is simple: Flutter takes a straight-forward and sensible approach to
layout. Rather than using CSS, flexbox or the platform's layout system
(AutoLayout, UIBuilder XML), Flutter uses it's own. Widgets decide how their
children are displayed. To make it even more simple, layout is described by
Widgets too. (For example, there is a Column widget with children instead of
flex-direction: column.)

There's much more to say about Flutter, but if you're interested in a more
in-depth analysis I recommend this article by Wm Leler.

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