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Discussion on: How does your company deal with massive time zone differences between teammates?

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Judith • Edited on

Great topic! I've managed teams offshore and it can be really tough. If it's a 3 hour time difference its no big deal; but when it's nine or ten hours difference it can wear you out trying to catch up with everyone.

As far sharing info:
a lot of emails cc'ing everyone on the team!
Good code commenting.
Good documentation.
Communicating through an established , secure network (always)
Take care to include relevant teammates in all invites; making those who are not essential to the discussion optional in attendance.
Get up really early in the morning to respond to overnight emails.

Collaboration is only tricky if you're sleeping while they are working! You just have to put in the extra time to get it done. You may have to stay late or come in early. Also, online tools in Azure, Github, AWS and more (my top three) are essential so another programmer can see the progression of everyone's contributions. Use notifications and filters (and be smart about the rulesets).

The only thing I haven't noticed in my experience is that there isn't any extra time allotted for the differences in timezones and (you're right) there really should be.