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Discussion on: You shouldn't focus on learning JavaScript frameworks

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Agree with you completely! If you don't have a good foundation in the top three frontend languages, you will experience a lot of frustration. It looks easy enough to grab a framework and use a starter repo to speed up workflow; but if you are trying to create specific features that are not in there right out of the box, you are likely to get into a big mess. And if you don't have a strong knowledge of programming to begin with, its likely that you will be trying to learn along the way. This usually makes the documentation impossible to follow or get your solutions from. That's called "going down the rabbit hole".

I say this only because I have seen it frequently and always suggested "deep learning" first; followed by "practice, practice practice".

@cagta suggested a great book by Kyle Simpson, "You don't know js" and I also highly recommend it. It has been called the "Frontend Developers Bible" and I tend to agree with that.

The takeaway here is: There are no shortcuts.