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Discussion on: I'm having some "not this again" feelings with Parcel, how should I be feeling about this tool?

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I went thru tooling fatigue for a while and finally decided to stay with the most stable, long-term supported projects as my go-tos (like webpack). I did that, not because I reject new, exciting stuff; but because I have to limit the amount of time I spend getting a project from dev to prod. Its that simple. I can't learn everything; but I can pick and choose what my toolbox is made of and know how to use what I have. That being said, there are pros and cons to being strictly frontend and not writing in a compiled language like C++. @kspeakman makes a good point about using Visual Studio and not having to worry about browser options for compiling. What I really think is that over the last five years js has mutated in an "out-of-control way" and frontend devs have had to suffer through its gigantic growing pains. I really love js but sometimes its just easier build those features on to a .net base. That's why I think .net core is a good fit for some of my projects.