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Discussion on: Are Technical Interviews a good measure of software engineering ability?

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The interview process for technical roles is broken on every level. Consider that if your interview is a test, and not a replication of a real world situation, then the candidates that will do well are students (or recent grads). Why? Because they have been taking tests for the last 4 years.

If you assign a project as the employment test the candidates will submit projects produced in their coding environment. You won't be judging them on the right parameters which would be the same stack the company is using. Not their stack of choice.

I appreciate all the research that went into your post; but did you know that highly intelligent people generally do not test well? Most tend to overthink info/situations and develop anxiety in situations where the outcomes are focused on quantifying performance by standardized answers (rather than giving answers that reflect what they think, or would do, to solve the problem).

The truth is that this kind of testing was born out of the fact that most recruiters/employers don't understand programming/engineering. These ridiculous tests are a crutch for the interviewer at best. At worst the testing process has become an industry. A way of monetizing the recruitment process ("cracking the coding interview", Leetcode, etc).

You want to know if an engineer can do the job? Check the work they have done for the companies they have worked for. Ask their references about them. Have her/him meet the team and hang out. See what kind of repore they develop with everyone on the team. This interviewing process is called: THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. And one more important step: Take it offline. Make it face to face. There is NO online way to get a gut feeling about a candidate.