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Discussion on: Where do you see the future headed in terms of challenges and opportunities for women who code?

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So, this is a true story:
Years ago I worked for a corp that is an industry giant. My manager (a man) was outwardly very supportive of my work. I decided I wanted to improve my skills and so on my yearly eval I answered the "what do you anticipate doing to improve your skills in the coming year?" question with "I want to learn C#". My manager read it and told me that it wasn't a good choice because it's a compiled language - outside of my skillset. I replied "I know its a compiled language - that's why I want to master it. As for my skillset; maybe you should see my engineering degree!" I went on to learn that and get my Windows Dev certificate that year.

What's my point? NO ONE tells me what I am (or am not) and what I am capable of mastering. The answers to changing and reforming are inside of each one of us. It is not my mission to try and change how patriarchy is engraved into society. I can, however, take every opportunity I can to teach and mentor other women and ask them to pay it forward. Specifically offering tools, experience, networking and advice on how to be so valuable in your job you cannot be replaced. Together we rise...

I own this responsibility toward other women and have incorporated it into my work life for the last ten years.