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Discussion on: Call Us What You Want is officially on board!

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Robson Junior Author

Hello, Apisov! Thank you for your comment!

I didn't know about P2P internet, but I've been reading about it and I think it's a very interesting approach! We haven't really decided how we'll be hosting Musicritic because there's still a lot of things left to implement (especially for the "critic" part of it, haha). Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and know we will consider it for sure!

About choosing to write our own SDK, there's a number of reasons. When we started implementing Musicritic, we were making our requests to the Spotify Web API directly. We started noticing that, even though the API has a lot of interesting data, some of it is a bit trickier to access, yet necessary at times. When this part of our project was starting to grow too much, we decided to create a separate project to wrap all the requests. This way, we could make Musicritic less directly coupled with the Spotify Web API and have a friendlier interface between it and our application. We also figured other people could also benefit of a simplified access to data, something that other SDKs don't handle. Actually, we intend to write an article about this decision, because we thought other people would have this same question and maybe it'd make an interesting read!

Once again, thank you so much for your interest!

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Hey Robson,

I am glad to be of help :)

Asking users to install a separate browser for P2P might be too much though. So a classic web hosting is probably the most friendly experience for users. On the other hand, hosting a website on your machine with a P2P network with a community of like-minded people could feel so special and intimate.

I'd love to read about your decisions regarding the SDK :)